Ross Ryan CD released at last!
31.10.03 Ross' CD has finally been released after a massive gestation and heartache to match - and Ross is denying everything! Thank goodness Bill passed on my free copy, otherwise I would never have known that it was out. Over the past two to twenty years, Ross has been working on this project; writing, recording, re-writing, re-recording, deliberating, agonising and probably hallucinating. Anybody who can play an instrument has done sessions for Ross - and just about all their performances are on the finished CD. I urge Ross Ryan fans out there to go to Ross' website and find out where he's playing, go and buy from him in person and get the story about the saga first hand. While you're there, ask him about the inverted vehicle he's standing in front of (see pic) like some latter day insurance agent. For Spectrumophiles, Robbo positively permeates every track, with Bill and Mike taking a couple as well.

One Person Queue - Ross Ryan's CD launch

Top L-R 1) Ross goes horse
2) Jo Jo Leslie, Mark Holden and my lyrics book 3) Ross presents James Feldman with a well deserved long service award during the show 4) Keyboard ace and legendary comedian, Steve Blackburn 5) Rudd on stage with the Dot Combo performing Look Out For The Ricochet 6) Mike with Idol judge Mark Holden
7) Bill cuddling up with Steve Romig, Dot Combo's Anne Eastaugh and Steve's daughter Jessie
15.12.03 - Yesterday evening at Camberwell's Palace Hotel, Ross Ryan (and Company) held a wonderfully successful launch for Ross' long-awaited CD, One Person Queue. Lots of the Ryan faithful were in attendance- I've never seen so many women mouthing the words to songs as if in a trance - and Ross produced the goods in his inimitablely good-natured way. Nothing would have happened at all without the backup of the Ryan team, starting with wife and manager Tina, and son and door bitch Paul. Sound man and all round know-all James Feldman was singled out for honours during the night, and Ross' band, the Dot Combo, (including Spectrum's Robbo on drums) performed with distinction. Altogether an evening to remember, which can't always be said of CD launches.